The ethics of digital technologies

He kai mā te hinengaro ne.

karen spencer

“We need to ask, ‘who benefits?’ in any of the visions of the future we are offered or that we are working towards” (Facer, p. 9)

Sometimes I find myself being A Little Bit Concerned.

And the more time I spend in the e-learning / digital tech space, the more these niggling worries draw me towards ethical issues related to the use of technologies for learning.

This post is not an either/or debate about whether or not we should use technologies for learning – that horse has bolted and the advantages almost definitely outweigh the disadvantages. But I find myself musing more often on how we choose, discuss, advocate and share ideas related to the ethical use of digital technologies.

Recently, I have been reading and watching a whole bunch of aligned ideas which are influencing my thoughts…

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