Stop working so hard…that’s the student’s job!

Education to Save the World

Are you exhausted at the end of a day of teaching? Does your head hurt? Are you hoarse? Do you look something like this?

(photo credit:×300.jpg)

You may be suffering from a common condition called Doing-It-For-Them-Itis, otherwise known as Mother Robin Syndrome (MRS). This results when a teacher takes on the entire intellectual burden of the content he is teaching.

The cure is simple: shift the burden of thinking from yourself to your students. It’s good for you, and it’s good for them.

Today, we offer some strategies to help you plan for student thinking in your lessons. We’ll start with strategies that keep students’ brains turned on during direct instruction. During direct instruction the teacher delivers information to students. Although other media may be involved (videos, etc.), this usually means that the teacher is standing in the front of the room giving a presentation while students sit in…

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